Invoice Discounting

Unpaid invoices impact a business in more ways than just affecting cash flows. Delayed invoice payments require the business to invest in credit control and substantial time chasing invoices. With our invoice discounting facilities, you can fix the cash flow problems created by delayed invoice payments and save the trouble of investing in additional credit control and dedicating vital time and resources to chasing unpaid invoices.

Invoice discounting is a prominent way to keep your business’s cash flow running smoothly and maintain a healthy working capital by using your outstanding invoices as collateral for short-term financing.

We will give your business a cash advance of up to 80% of the invoice value, less our fees, and send you the balance once your customer pays us. With invoice discounting, you can accelerate positive cash flow, which can help your business grow quickly.

How Invoice Discounting Works

Invoice discounting is an excellent solution for businesses in various industries, such as, manufacturing, wholesalers, and transportation, among others. By following a few simple steps, your business can get the funds it needs to keep up with its operating costs and expansion goals.

Fill Out the Application

You will need to complete a short online application form sharing your business details. This is part of the pre-approval process. After submitting the application form, we will provide feedback on whether your application has been approved for invoice discounting within 48 hours.

Raise Invoices

Provide products and services to your customers and give them an invoice including the date, the amount due, and buyer and seller information. With the facility in place, you then send us a copy of the invoices you want to finance.

Receive Funds

After we verify and approve the invoice, we will send you a cash advance on the invoice of up to 80% of the invoice value within 4 hours. Once the customer clears the invoice with us, we will send you the balance minus our fees.

With our invoice discounting facilities, businesses don't have to wait for days, weeks, or months to get funding. You can get cash from your unpaid invoices in as little as 4 hours, helping you release cash tied up in invoices.

Why is Invoice Discounting Important for Businesses

Invoice discounting is a creative and quick way for businesses to access funding without spending a lot of time and resources applying for loans or chasing unpaid invoices. Here are some other reasons why invoice discounting is essential for your business:

Improved Cash Flow

Invoice discounting provides immediate access to cash, helping businesses meet financial obligations such as paying suppliers, making payroll, and even keeping up with ATO obligations.

Working Capital Management

By converting unpaid invoices into liquid assets, businesses eliminate the need for costly short-term loans or lines of credit while building more reliable capital management.

Enhanced Growth Potential

A steady cash flow means businesses can take advantage of factoring and growth opportunities such as expanding operations, launching new products, entering new markets, and meeting expectations from new clients.

Supplier Relationships

Timely payments to suppliers are crucial to the success of the business. It strengthens vendor relationships and gives you an edge in negotiating better terms and discounts.