Debtor Finance

Debtor finance is a flexible form of short-term funding for your business. It’s an excellent choice for small and medium businesses looking to recover financially or meet cash flow pitfalls without taking up more debt. Debtor finance also favours businesses with lower credit scores and no fixed assets, allowing them to use their unpaid receivables to secure funding for operations and growth.

How Does Debtor Finance Work?

Key Factors offers a simplified debtor financing process that saves time while allowing businesses to get the funding they need when they require it. You, too, can access our debtor financing services by following these simple steps:

Account Setup

Complete our online application form by providing basic business and account receivables details. Requirements for this type of financing are minimal, which makes the application process short and easy.

After submitting the online form, our team will verify the details and provide you with feedback within 48 hours of applying.

Share Copies of Your Unpaid Invoices

After being approved, you can start sharing copies of your unpaid invoices for debtor financing. We will verify the authenticity of the unpaid invoices and advance you up to 80% of the value of the unpaid invoices within 4 hours after verification.

Get the Balance When We Get Paid

After the payment period ends and your customer pays us, we will send the balance to your account minus our fees.

Debtor financing is a quick and efficient financing model that allows your business to get funding quickly without spending too much time applying for and following up on bank loans.

Benefits of Debtor Finance

Businesses owners have many reasons to consider debtor financing over traditional business funding methods for several reasons including:

It is Flexible

You can use the funds you get from debtor financing in any way you choose. You can use the money to address cash flow challenges, make payroll, or meet the business's operating expenses. Unlike most funding options, there are no restrictions on what you can use the cash for, allowing business owners to channel the funds where the business needs them most.

Access to Quick Cash

Our debtor financing facility provides businesses with quick access to cash. After clearing approvals, businesses can have funds deposited in their accounts for the invoices they want to finance within 4 hours.

No Fixed Assets or Credit Score Required

Debtor finance is available for businesses without fixed assets or a good credit score. All you need to access our debtor finance is your unpaid invoices. The minimal requirements ensure businesses get access to funding even when they have a marginal credit score or no fixed assets to leverage against.

Why Choose Key Factors Debtor Finance

No Lock-in Contracts

At Factoring Company, you only finance the invoices you want. There are no lock-in contracts allowing businesses to pick and choose the invoices they want to finance and when they want to finance them.

Only Pay as You Use

Our payment structure is also flexible. You only pay when you finance an invoice. There are no monthly or annual administration fees and no penalties.

No Property Security

Using our debtor finance facilities, you can preserve your business or personal assets for future opportunities.