Debt Factoring

Financing solutions for businesses have evolved over the recent years. With our debt factoring financing option, a business can secure funding by leveraging its account receivables to immediately unlock tied-up cash in unpaid invoices instead of waiting for the usual payment terms.

Benefits of Debt Factoring Financing

Debt factoring has many advantages over traditional financing methods, like taking a loan from the bank. These include:

Improved Cash Flow

Cash Flow is an essential part of running a business. A positive cash flow means the business is capable of meeting its expenses. However, growing businesses might struggle with cash flow as they get new orders and current clients take longer to pay their invoices.

With debt factoring, you can improve your cash flow by releasing the money tied up in the unpaid invoices to boost your cash flow. We can give you an advance of up to 80% of the invoice’s value upfront and the balance when your clients pay us [net of our fee].

Save Time

The time you use going to the bank and back and providing documents could better be used in growing your business. At Key Factors, our debt factoring process is streamlined and entirely online. You could have cash credited into your account for the unpaid invoices you want to finance in a few quick and simple steps.

Bargaining Power

By unlocking tied-up cash, you can pay your suppliers and service providers more promptly, giving you an upper hand in negotiating better terms and lower costs for the products or services.

Faster Growth

There's no limit to what you can do with the funds you get from debt factoring. You can use the cash to complete new orders, buy new equipment or inventory for your business, or expand your premises. The flexible funding line means your business can grow faster.

How Does Debt Factoring Work?

You can start using your account receivables to get financing for your business in three simple steps:

Get Approved

Sign up for financing services from Key Factors and provide a few documents to get pre-approved for the financing services. Once you complete the online registration process, you will get feedback within 48 hours on whether your application has been approved.

Raise Invoices as Usual

Once approved, provide services or deliver products for your customers, raise the invoice, and send us a copy of the unpaid invoice.

Cash is Credited to Your Account

We will provide you with a cash advance of up to 80% of the invoice value within 4 hours after verifying the unpaid invoices.

This financing service doesn't require your business to provide additional assets, making it ideal for businesses with no [fixed] assets or who don't want to tie down their [fixed] assets.

Why Choose Debt Factoring with Key Factors?


Factoring Company provides the correct information on fees upfront to help you make informed decisions. We are transparent about our fees, so there are no surprises once you factor in your invoices.

Flexible Funding

We don't have a lock-in contract or other strict requirements such as quarterly audits or property security required. Our financing services are also available to businesses and business owners with a less-than-stellar credit score.

Selective Factoring

Our debt factoring company lets you choose the invoices you want to finance. You can choose as many invoices as you need to finance at any given period.