Cash Flow Finance

Cash flow is one of the most important things when running a business. While maintaining a positive cash flow is one of the metrics of measuring the success of a business, sometimes, even successful businesses can struggle with cash flow when clients take a long time to pay their invoices.

Businesses with cash flow problems have always turned to traditional banks for loans to plug their cash flow problem. At Key Factors, we offer an alternative that provides businesses with the funding they need when they need it while bypassing the bureaucracies of traditional banking.

What is Cash Flow Financing?

Cash flow financing is a form of financing businesses use to support their daily operations. This type of financing is leveraged to fund working capital needs such as rent, payroll, and inventory costs, among others. The benefit of using our cash flow financing option is that it isn't a loan, we give you an advance of up to 80% on your unpaid invoices, allowing you to unlock funds you have already earned instead of digging your business deeper into debt.

Benefits of Cash Flow Financing

As an alternative financing method, cash flow financing allows businesses to bypass the downsides of securing financing from traditional finance institutions, such as lengthy application processes and waiting for approval. The benefits of Key Factors cash flow financing include:

Quick and Easy Access to Cash

Unlike sourcing for a loan, getting cash financing is much faster and easier. The process doesn't require any fixed assets as collateral, which means we skip the lengthy valuation processes. Also, the approval times are much shorter, and you can have the cash deposited in your bank account in as little as four hours after approval.

Flexible Cash Applications

With cash flow financing, you decide what to do with the cash injection. You can use the money for an expansion, cover running costs, make payroll, or even catch up with your ATO obligations. This flexibility allows business owners to use cash where they need it most.

No Fixed Assets Required

Our cash flow financing service doesn't require any fixed assets to extend you the facility. This means new and small businesses that haven't yet acquired fixed assets can access the facility and unlock the cash they have tied up in unpaid invoices without worrying about tying down valuable assets in the process.

No Credit Score Necessary 

Your credit score is not necessary when getting cash flow financing. This allows businesses and owners with bad credit scores to access financing facilities and improve their credit scores over time by paying their suppliers and other costs on time.

Why Choose Key Factors Cash Flow Financing?

Considering the essence of cash flow to your business, partnering with the right factoring company is crucial. Key Factors is an experienced factoring company with over 30 years of experience working with many businesses and different industries in Australia. Here are a few reasons why you should join our long list of businesses looking for cashflow financing:

No Hidden Fees

We are transparent and upfront with our fees. There are no surprises, and you know exactly what you will pay for each invoice you finance.

Selective Factoring

You don't have to finance all your invoices. At Factoring Company, you choose the invoices you want to finance and when to finance them, giving you complete control of your business's financial decisions.

Fast Funding

Once you clear the approval process, everything else is quick and easy. You submit a copy of your unpaid invoice to us, and we deposit cash into your account in as little as 4 hours.

Pay As You Use

There are no monthly or annual fees. You only pay a fee when you finance an invoice; there are no lock-in contracts or early exit penalties.