Bcashflow Positive

Every business needs a positive cash flow to maintain operations and grow. However, achieving a positive cash flow is easier said than done, especially for new businesses with prolonged invoice payment terms. And it doesn't help that your customers take longer to clear their invoices than agreed, leaving the business in a difficult place.

Most businesses turn to bank loans to fix their cash flow issues, but these not only take a long time to apply for, process, and approve but also add to the business's total overhead costs and can prove counterproductive.

At BCashflow Positive, we do things a little differently. We put money in your pocket by financing your existing invoices. So, you're not taking a loan you must repay but releasing cash locked up in unpaid invoices sooner.

Why You Should Consider BCashflow Positive

Every business needs a financial provider that understands their needs and challenges, and BCashflow Positive has been that provider for Australian businesses for more than 3 decades. Our unique, customised financing solutions allow businesses to meet their obligations without adding to their debts or overheads. Our financing services can help in the following ways:

Grow companies

The cash flow hurdle is one many businesses fail to solve and, as a result, face failure. With our help, you can turn your sales invoices into immediate cash to pump into your business and take advantage of new opportunities to spur growth. You don't have to apply for a loan or shore up your assets. You only have to leverage invoices for services and goods you have already delivered to your clients.

Improve cash flow

Discover the potential and power in your unpaid invoices by using them to plug your cash flow hiccups. We can help quickly release tied-up cash from unpaid invoices and use it to keep up with various business needs such as operational costs, payroll and even ATO obligations.

Slow payments

Are slow payments holding you back? You can convert those invoices into cash in as little as 4 hours and never worry about slow payments holding you back again. You can have cash when needed without waiting for long processing times or tying up your assets.

Quick Application and Approval

You can solve your cash flow issues with BCashflow Positive in three easy and simple steps:

Contact us

Pick up your phone and speak to one of our friendly and experienced experts about the tailored cashflow solutions you need. We will help you find an option that suits your business.

Application and Approval

You will fill out a short online form and get pre-approved at no charge. Once the facility is in place, you can submit your invoices for instant settlement in less than four hours.

Document and Settlement

We will let you know the documents we need to accept your approval, and we will work with you to get your invoices funded quickly and efficiently.

What are you waiting for? Experience the next level of business financing with our customised business funding solutions at BCashflow Positive.