What We Do

Cash Flow Finance

Cash flow financing allows your business to free up cash tied up in unpaid invoices and use the money to run the business, cover expenses, make payrolls, and even supply new customers. Cash flow is a strong indicator of a business's health. However, growing businesses might face cash flow challenges when clients delay clearing their invoices.

With our cash flow financing, you can use those unpaid invoices as leverage to get funding you can use to keep your business running. Because you use unpaid invoices as collateral, you don’t need to have any other business or personal assets to access funding.

Debt Factoring

Debt factoring is a unique financing solution where your business uses its accounts receivables to secure funding. Key Factors factoring company provides you with a cash advance of up to 80% of the invoice value and the balance once your client clears the invoice, allowing you to turn debtors into cash for the business.

Debt factoring is vital for small and medium businesses experiencing rapid growth and struggling with delayed invoice payments. Debt factoring provides a modern, revolutionary method of getting funding for your business without digging yourself further into debt.

Our debt factoring facilities can be set up within a short time, and it takes only a few hours to get the money credited to your account once we verify unpaid invoices. The quick access to funds allows your business to get funds when needed instead of waiting for weeks to get approval from the bank.

Debtor Finance

Debtor finance is a short-term financing solution for business owners. Like our other financing solutions, debtor finance is designed to provide businesses with fast, tailored financial solutions that address their cash needs.

There are no limits to how you can use the funds you get from debtor financing. You can cover operating expenses and maintain a positive working capital when cash flow is tight or for expansion purposes.

With the help of our factoring company, you can get up to 80% of the value of your account receivables ledger ahead of the payment from your client minus our fees.

 Invoice Discounting and Finance

We also provide businesses with invoice discounting and finance facilities. These are the simplest invoice finance facilities we offer, designed to provide financing support to businesses of all sizes.

Both invoice financing and discounting rely on your business's unpaid invoices. However, subtle differences might encourage a business to consider one option over the other.

With invoice financing, you secure financing for your business against your outstanding invoice. This option is perfect for medium and large businesses with credit control departments and can afford to chase clients.

Invoice discounting involves selling the unpaid invoices directly to the factoring company at a discount. This option is ideal for companies with a gap in cash flow from incomings to outgoings and needing to ensure cash remains constant. Credit control remains within the business and the factor can assist when needed. This is called invoice discounting because the invoice is sold to the factoring company at a small discount.

Why Choose Us

Fill Out a Form

We will need you to send us details about you and your business. Once you fill out the online application form, and supply some basic additional information, our team will provide you with a response within 48 hours on whether your application has been approved.

Send Us Your Invoices & We Credit Your Account

Once approved, we set you up with a facility and then you can start sending us a copy of the unpaid client invoices you want to finance for the services or products you have delivered. After invoice verification, we will send you up to 80% of the value of the invoice you send us in your account within a few hours. We will send you the balance when your customer pays us. It’s a quick and transparent process.

Why Choose Key Factors

Choosing a financing partner that understands your business is crucial to your success. We've provided businesses with financing support for over three decades at Key Factors. We've taken time to understand the needs of the businesses we work with and formulate financing solutions that solve their most pertinent problems.

Some of the reasons we are the best factoring company for your business include:

Selective Factoring

At Key Factors, you choose the invoices you want to finance. You can finance as many invoices as you want at any time. We don’t have any requirements or contracts for you to finance a fixed number of invoices for your business. Selective factoring allows you to use our financing facilities according to the needs of your business.

Fast Funding & Only Pay for What You Use

You don't have to wait for days, weeks, or months to get funding. At Key Factors, you can get cash in as quick as 4 hours.

There are no monthly or annual fees, penalties, or fines. We only charge you a single fee for the invoice you want to finance, and we tell you the fee before you choose to finance. You only pay the fee for the invoices you finance, maximising your savings.

No Hidden Fees & No Assets Required

We are upfront and transparent about our services and our fees. No additional or hidden fees are associated with our services, and there won't be any surprises. If you or your business hasn't acquired any assets, or you prefer to preserve your assets to take advantage of any opportunities that arise, our financing services are perfect for you. Our security requirements are limited to your receivables, not fixed assets.


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